As the dictionary describes it, companion ship is a feeling of fellow ship or friendship. Sometime isolation comes with old age. People suffer from being lonely the most. At the senior age it is especially important to stay active and engage in social activities, but the busy lives of today’s world have made senior citizens feel lonelier than ever. Because HL cares for you, we offer senior care companion service, our professional caregivers are trained to be the positive light in your life.

What Do We Offer In Our home companion service?

We all need companion ship, having someone to talk to could be the biggest blessing of your life. When you get old your social circle reduces, with kids all grown and out of your nest, you feel useless.

It is important to make necessary arrangements for your loved one, so they won’t feel left out at the old age.

As much as taking out time for them is important, it is important that you hire an expert companion for them. Somebody who could take care of them and help them do day to day chores.

At HL cares for you, our expert elder care givers, provide excellent companion service, we offer support and shoulder to lean on, just what our elderly companions needs the most to live comfortable and happily in their own homes.


Our companion care service is the best available service because we really understand, have compassion and care about elderly people.

The elderly companion care service could be a life saver for an elder person; it can help to increase their will to live, energy and motivation to a great extent.

Our staff is professionally trained to provide best quality elderly care. They will become an actual companion to share the moments of joy and sorrow with you. They will provide you company, a listening ear, support in doing chores, assistance in going out and so much more.

Our senior companion ship program is especially beneficial for old people who can’t function without assistance.

Benefits of hiring companion care service:

All of us need reassurance now and then, but at the old age the need doubles. We need more care and constant attention; with health conditions and social isolation the elderly especially struggle with emotional and physical trauma. Fortunately, this condition can be made better with proper care.

The elders might become too fragile to drive, therefore going around to meet with friends or family, or even to doctor’s appointment could become tough. Our hires elderly care providers can:

  • Better emotional health

  • Higher self esteem

  • More socially active elderly people

  • Assistance in doing routine chores

  • Assistance in carrying on with hobbies

  • Better emotional health

  • Transportation

  • Home modification

  • House hold maintenance

  • Personal care

Services our companion care agency provides

You can expect elder care services providers from HL cares for you to take care of the following and more:

  • Listening with all our heart

  • Talking and sharing experiences

  • Home making

  • Reading books, newspaper aloud or reading together

  • Playing cards, board games or doing puzzles together

  • Transporting to and from the hospital, running errands, and to social events, etc.

  • Reading, sorting, and organizing mail

  • Helping connect with family and friends through calls, Facetime, skype etc.

  • Running errands

  • Doing grocery

  • Help with house hold chores

  • To and from appointments, social gatherings

How to get started

HL cares for you, has an easy procedure to get started with elderly companion care service. You are required to simply make a call and we will arrange the initial meeting with you or the loved one seeking companion care at your home or our office, which ever feels comfortable to you.

We will answer all your questions and make sure to note all your requirements. After getting to know you well, we will allocate the best suited companion care service provider for you.

Or you will be given a choice to select from our service providers by reading their profiles. To ensure your elderly companion care service is the perfect companion for you.

Just give us a call and we will respond you as soon as possible, on any day whether its weekend or weekday.