It is a fact that after we celebrate our 65th birthday, most of us requires some kind of assistance, however the level of assistance may vary from person to person. In case you require 24/ 7 care we at HL cares for you, have you covered. We provide complete assistance in the form of 24 hour care and live in care.

Stay close to your loved ones in your environment!

Surely moving to a nursing home or and elderly care center is an option, but it comes with reduced independence and having to live in a strange environment while through in house care, you can live comfortably at your home and be around the same environment in your golden years where you spent your whole life.

Staying at your home with help will allow you to be near your family and friends and in close vicinity of your favorite places. With the right home care service, you can make your life comfortable and cozy at fairly low cost compared to a nursing home.

Choose the service best suited for you, from the wide range of services we offer.

What is complete assistance?

In case you are not physically capable of running your house hold smoothly and doing chores is getting tougher for you, you can take advantage of our complete assistance service.

We offer two types of complete assistance, live in care and 24hour care.


Live in care is hired help that lives with you 24/7. You need to provide them a sleeping quarter at your house, and they will assist you in doing all the chores around the house, make meals for you, assist you in personal care, like bathing, grooming, and changing dresses. It will also include light home making service.

Transporting you to and from your appointments and gathering and help you in visiting and calling family and installing equipment around the house to help you move more comfortably.


24-hour care is especially for those elderly or challenged people who require monitoring due to some illness or physical conditions. The 24-hour assistance will be provided by a team of elderly care providers who work in shifts, in order to make sure you have and attentive care giver by your side at all times.

The 24-hour service is essentially the same as live in care, it will include personal care, light home maker service, home modifications as per your needs and elderly companion service etc.

The main idea behind complete assistance service whether live in or 24 hours, is to make your stay at home longer and more comfortable. With our services, we help keep you living in your own home for the rest of your life.

Complete assistance service includes:

House keeping Service

If managing the house hold is getting difficult for you, and you find yourself exhausted doing the routine chores, you can get help from professionally trained staff from HL cares for you. Our trained house making staff can help you assist in doing laundry, ironing, changing sheets, cleaning, sweeping, and mopping around the house.

It also includes preparing meals, doing grocery even gardening and doing bills.

Transportation provision:

The professional care providers at the HL cares for you, will provide you transportation to our elderly and sick clients to and from the hospitals and other social gatherings.

The transportation service also helps you access trains, buses, ride sharing apps, private taxis or the senior transportation services, which reduces cost of transportation as well as lets you meet with family and friends.

Modifications to bring ease of movement to the elderly and sick.

The complete assistance service includes installing modifications around the house to make it accessible for elderly and challenged persons. It includes installation of ramps to reduce the use of stairs, grabs bars in the bathrooms and corridors to ease moving around the house, it may also include reinstalling a new disability friendly bathroom on the ground floor.

Personal care service.

The personal care service is provided by professional staff at HL cares for you, our personal care providers are competent and very well trained to provide personal assistance In doing routine chores, such are changing dresses, taking care of personal hygiene, bathing, feeding meals, administering medicine on time.

Health care.

The health care service includes, administering medicine on time, reminding to take medicine, taking blood pressure, or checking blood sugar levels. It also includes health care service by occupational therapist, nursing staff, social workers, or home health nurses. It also includes Hospice care service.

 Our health care assistance service providers are trained in providing specialized care for Alzheimer and chronic illness patients.

Get in touch with us as we are here to help you to make life of elderly people comfortable and satisfied!