Who doesn’t like a clean, well-managed house? It is our recluse after a hard day at work. To keep the house comfy and cozy is a task in its own.

House hold management is a fulltime job, from cleaning around the house to cooking food every day, laundry, groceries and running errands, A whole lot needs to be done every day.

It is okay to ask for help:

Home hold management takes up a lot of time and energy. But the funny thing about home making is, it only gets noticed when you don’t do it.It can get frustrating, when you are managing the house with small kids in tow, or when you are working two jobs.

We understand and we are always there for you!

We all know the drill and we know it is not easy. The task of keeping order in the house becomes more difficult when you get older or when you get inflicted with a disease. It also becomes tough when you are taking care of a mentally or physically challenged person along with taking care of the house.

We can share your burden without ever making you feel guilty.

If your parents or family in need of personal home care live away from you, it can be a daunting task to visit them regularly and do their chores for them, along with managing you own house hold and work and what not!

We provide in home personal care for your loved ones and for you.

No matter which situation you are in, we are always there for you. Our trustworthy professional in-home care assistance will take care of you while you relax or spend that much needed time together.

Professional and Experienced Home making services

HLcares for you and your loved ones, so we came up with a solution:

We are a team of professional and very friendly personal care service providers. We offer top-notch in-homecare services for anybody in need. When you hire us, you can be at peace that in-home personal care of your loved ones is well cared for.

We take care of your house just like ours, we take care of you and your family members like our own. Our professional home makers are fully trained and capable of house hold management.

How an unkept home affects you:

Research shows that an untidy, poorly managed house can increase depression and frustration. Undone chores intensify the feeling of helplessness. You are constantly reminded of your shortcomings and how you are unable to perform certain tasks.

While looking at a clean house makes you relaxed and comfortable.

Help and services we offer:

We offer the complete range of home care services and more, our trained staff can take care of your personal home care just the way you do. You can enjoy a break or bond with your family in the time you save by hiring help.

The elders might become too fragile to drive, therefore going around to meet with friends or family, or even to doctor’s appointment could become tough. Our hires elderly care providers can:

  • General cleaning

  • Vacuuming and sweeping

  • Doing laundry

  • Changing sheets

  • Ironing and folding cloths

  • Managing the wardrobes

  • Managing the wardrobes

  • Kitchen cleaning and management

  • Discarding expired products

  • Cleaning the refrigerator

  • Grocery shopping

  • Cleaning and managing bathrooms

  • Replacing batteries and manage the condition of fire alarm and other safety equipment

  • Cleaning and replacing the air filter

  • Removing trip or fire hazards

  • Making the house safer for elderly or children.


The Hl cares for you caregivers can improve your life style and mood. Our staff is trained in providing personal home care, you will not have to tell them constantly instead you can just relax and take care of yourself.

With hired help, families are able to spend quality time together and it makes taking care of others a little less stressful.

Having someone come and clean up for you and do your chores can make a great deal of difference in an elderly or physically challenged person’s life, an additional benefit is they will get some company too.

Further assistance:

Call us for further details or book an appointment for house visit and see for yourself. We will respond to you in less than 15 minutes, even on weekends or after hours.

Get in touch and you can sit back and relax, because HL cares for you!