What is Non-Skilled Care?

Non-skilled care services include bathing, personal grooming, house-keeping, transportation and running errands etc. Non skilled services providers don’t require following any state licensing guidelines. But you can be assured to get professional, trained, and reliable home care service provider, if you hire through HL cares for you.

Our in-home care providers work in shifts and you will not be required to provide them with a sleeping quarter even if you need help 24/7.

Why do you need Non-skilled care services?

We all require a helping hand time and again but the need for help increase with age. Elderly people might need assistance in every work they do for personal care, for going around and for doing chores. They also tend to get lonely very often, as they cannot meet up with friends and family often and living a retired life means minimum or no work.

So, spending the entire day at home could become over-whelming, and a person might feel self-pity.  We offer companion care service for elderly, to take care of their basic needs and make them feel less isolated from society.

Ask for help:

Do not shy away from asking help, it could be the best decision that you make for your emotional and physical well beings. Weather you are the elderly person or you are a care giver to sick or elderly family member, we provide premium care solutions for both the caregiver and receiver.

Call us any time, and we will respond within 15 minutes of your call,  Our companion care service providers can be called in to provide assistance for some hours to some days.

The benefits of non-skilled care service:

Hiring non-skilled care services can make your life easy and comfortable to a great extent.

Moving in to a nursing home is another option of elderly people to spend the last days of their lives. It does provide them with company of other elderly people and constant care and attention.

But hiring elderly care service will allow you to be well taken care, staying in the comfort of your home. The home companion service by HL cares for you takes care of you and you don’t need to compromise on your independence.

The services we provide:

1.Short term care:

Short term services or respite care is the service provided for short term, basically to provide some relief to the care giver without compromising on the well being of the elderly or sick person.

The respite care services are required in case of a family emergency, serious illness of a care giver and or a sudden death in family.

The short-term elderly care service can also be requested to give a break to the family and care givers.

2. Assistance with daily routine activities:

People with a chronic degenerative illness face less mobility issues, they find it difficult to perform routine tasks. Similarly, senior citizens and physically or mentally challenged people face difficulties performing daily chores.

Our trained personal care service provides help with routine personal tasks to the sick and elderly.

Help such as,

  • Bathing,
  • Cleaning up,
  • Personal grooming
  • Getting dressed
  • Preparing meals
  • Feeding meals

4. Transportation

Driving the care or even hiring a taxi can prove to be a tough task for elderly and challenged people, the personal care service and companion service by HL cares for you provides transportation service to and from the hospital or social event.

5. Home Modifications

Home modification is perhaps one of the most important steps of making the house hazard proof for the elderly and physically challenged people. The house modifications include:

  • Installing ramps
  • Installing handle bars to make movement around the house easy
  • Modifications in the bathroom to assist independent use
  • Making the house trip proof

Give us a call today to let us share your burden through our professional assistance services!