Respite Care Services


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What Is Respite Care?

In simple words, respite care is the intermittent care provided by our professional personal care staff, in order to provide a break to the permanent care provider.  Thus allowing them time to rest and destress.


Our Care

Humans are social animals; we live in family settings and take care of each other. Looking after your family and their needs is not an easy task and it becomes especially challenging, when we have a sick or elderly person in the house hold.

Even though you are fueled with love, there comes a time when your energy level goes down, and you need a break. No matter how passionate you are, you need some time off to yourself. Respite care service provides temporary care for the sick or elderly in order to provide relief for the usual care provider.

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Purpose Of Respite Care

You always have the option of sending your elderly or challenged loved ones to a nursing home, but this is often not very comfortable for the whole family. Who wouldn’t love to be around their family in their old age? Similarly, sending your parents or loved ones away can take its toll on you.

Our in-home respite care service is the best solution for the tired family that wants to regain energy without having to send their loved ones away.

Benefits Of Respite Care

  • The elderly or sick loved one can stay with the whole family and be looked after professionally.
  • Maintains quality of care given to the loved one.
  • Ensures good mental and emotional health for the caregiver by giving him relief for some time.
  • A helping hand for families to function in a healthy way.
  • Eliminates the hustle of repeated visits to the nursing care center for the family.
  • Reduces the cost and investment on health care by the government.


  1. Respite care for adults - our respite care provider is trained to care for individuals with health problems, debilitating illness or a developmental illness. Such individuals are taken care of by our trained personnel.
  2. Respite care for elderly – Residential respite care is given to the elderly for their care.
    1. taking care of timings and dosage of any medicines
    2. assistance with using the toilet
    3. assistance in changing of dress
    4. help in eating
    5. support in movement and mobility
    6. an ear to listen to their difficulties, suffering and anything they want to share
  3. In-home respite care – a private respite care provider comes to your home to care for your loved ones. We hire, verify and coach our workers to ensure you receive quality care.
  4. Emergency respite care – we provide respite care services in unexpected situations of urgency, when the caregiver requires an additional hand to care for the loved one. You might need emergency respite help when:
    1. Death of a family member
    2. Serious illness of the caregiver
    3. Family emergency
  5. Short term respite care - the short-term care is required for short or intermittent periods of time such as when the caregiver needs a gap for a vacation or on weekends.
  6. Respite care for minors – caring for for children with developmental or behavioral disorders is a tough job. We provide excellent care for the children with special needs.


    The benefits of hiring help
    • People recovering from a disease and returning from a hospital stay
    • Senior citizens in need of companionship
    • Elderly needing physical and emotional support
    • Patients suffering from a chronic illness
    • Adults afflicted with a developmental deficiency
    • Children with mental and behavioral problems


    HL Home Care  is proud of its dedicated and compassionate team. We have a dedicated team of respite care personnel who are well trained to provide you the assurance of leading a healthy lifestyle with nobility.

    We understand your requirements, and we choose the best suited person for the job. Our staff is trained at handling patients, the elderly and children.